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The Enrollment committee now consists of the following members.


Margaret Spratt
Margaret Cortez

If you have any questions or concerns about enrollment you can reach the enrollment committee by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or calling the office at (760) 872-3614




Section 1.       

    Membership in the Timbisha Shoshone Tribe shall consist of the following:
    • a. All persons who are listed as possessing some degree of Shoshone blood on the census entitled “Indians Living in Death Valley and Vicinity in March 1936;”
    • b. All persons who filed as Timbisha Shoshone Indians and were listed on the genealogy roll prepared as of March, 1978;
    • c. All persons who are lineal descendants of any person designated in subsection (a) or (b) above and who possess at least one-fourth (1/4) degree Indian blood of which one-sixteenth (1/16) degree must be Shoshone blood; and
    • d. All persons of Indian blood upon whom membership is conferred by adoption.
  • Section 2. A person who is officially enrolled with or is a recognized member of some other tribe or band shall not be enrolled.
  • Section 3.The official membership roll shall be prepared in accordance with an ordinance adopted by the Tribal Council. Such ordinance shall contain provisions for enrollment procedures, establishment of an Enrollment Committee, application forms, approval or disapproval of application, rejection notices, appeals, corrections, adoptions, disenrollment procedures and provisions for keeping the roll on a current basis.
  • Section 4. No person shall be enrolled as an adopted member of the Tribe unless he/she possesses at least one-fourth (1/4) degree Indian blood and has been approved by a majority vote of the General Council.
  • Section 5. Any person who wishes to relinquish his/her membership in the Tribe must submit a request for relinquishment in writing to the Enrollment Committee. With the approval of the Tribal Council, the Enrollment Committee may immediately remove the person from the Tribal roll upon receipt of the request, or, if applicable, may approve the relinquishment but make removal from the Tribal roll conditional upon the receipt of evidence of the person’s enrollment in another tribe.
  • Section 6. Upon a determination that a Tribal member was erroneously, fraudulently, or otherwise incorrectly enrolled, and provided that the member has been afforded due process and equal protection of law, the Tribal Council shall direct the Enrollment Committee to remove the member’s name from the Tribal roll.
  • Section 7. Any Tribal member who the Tribal Council has decided to disenroll pursuant to Section 6 herein shall be entitled to appeal the decision to the General Council. The Enrollment Ordinance shall set forth procedures for conducting the appeal consistent with the constitution and providing due process and equal protection of law. All General Council members shall be entitled to vote with regard to any such appeal except for their own, regardless of similar status or familial relationship, without exception. The burden of proof for disenrollment shall be on the Tribe. The decision to disenroll the individual shall only be upheld if over Fifty Percent (50%) of the members of the General Council vote to uphold the disenrollment (not 50% of a quorum, but 50% of the actual members).

 Enrollment Ordinance


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